Music editions and lists of works from Royal Danish Library

Find lists of works from three of the library's publishing projects, the Carl Nielsen Edition, the Hartmann Edition and the Danish Centre for Music Editing, as well as a number of thematic catalogues.

The Carl Nielsen Edition, the Hartmann Edition and other musical works published by DCM are so-called practical/scholarly editions. This means that they are designed for practical use. At the same time, editorial interventions and the deviations (variants) that may exist between different sources for the work have also been carefully accounted for. In this way, the reader gets an impression of the creation and variance of the work. The editions are also provided with an introductory text which introduces the works' history and reception.

At the bottom of the page there are thematic-bibliographic catalogues of the works of selected composers.

Most of the publications can be both downloaded freely and purchased in print. Please note that the digital publications are also subject to copyright and may therefore not be redistributed without permission, either in their entirety or in extracts. However, DCM releases from before 2017 are in most cases offered for download under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.

Publications that are not available digitally can either be purchased or, in most cases, borrowed in printed form. See under individual publication series.

The Carl Nielsen Edition

The Carl Nielsen Edition is the first comprehensive practical/scholarly edition of the composer's works. The 32 volumes have been published with accompanying piano scores (for operas, choral works and concertos), as well as parts. Each volume is provided with a preface that describes the creation history of each individual work and a concluding critical report with an overview of sources and revision report. Scores, prefaces and critical commentaries can be downloaded freely.

The edition is a bilingual Danish/English. However, the two operas are also available in an alternative Danish/German version. Certain works are also available as single booklets.

Also see:
The Carl Nielsen Edition in the library system
Errata list for the Carl Nielsen Edition
Printed edition by the publisher Edition Wilhelm Hansen

Series/volume Title  
CNU I/1-3 Masquerade  
Act 1 (Danish/English) PDF
Act 2 (Danish/English) PDF
Act 3 (Danish/English) PDF
Critical Commentary PDF
CNU I/4-5 Saul and David  
Act 1 & 2 (Danish/English) PDF
Acts 3 & 4 (Danish/English); Critical Commentary PDF
CNU I/6 Incidental Music 1:
Music for Andreas Munch's play An Evening at Giske
Music for Holger Drachmann's melodrama Snefrid
Song for Helge Rode's play The Fights in Stefan Borg's House
Song for Gustav Wied's and Jens Petersen's play Atalanta
Music for Lauritz Christian Nielsen's play Willemoes
Music for Otto Benzon's play Parents
Music for Ludvig Holstein's play Tove
Music for Jeppe Aakjær's play The Wolf's Son
Music for Adam Oehlenschläger's play Hagbarth and Signe
Music for Adam Oehlenschläger's Midsummer Eve Play
Music for Einar Christiansen's play Native Land
Music for Helge Rode's prologue Shakespeare
Ballad for Jóhann Sigurjónsson's play The Liar
CNU I/7 Sir Oluf He Rides - PDF
CNU I/8 Aladdin PDF
Aladdin Suite PDF
CNU I/9 Incidental Music 2:
The Mother; Songs for Einar Christiansen's play Cosmus
Music for Hans Hartvig Seedorff Pedersen's Homage to Holberg
Music for Harald Bergstedt's open-air play Ebbe Skammelsen
Song for Vilhelm from Bartrumsen's play From Rold to Rebild
Music for Sophus Michaëlis' Cupid and the Poet
Music for A Grundtvig Easter Evening
CNU II/1 Symphony No. 1, Opus 7 PDF
CNU II/2 Symphony No. 2, Opus 16, The Four Temperaments PDF
CNU II/3 Symphony No. 3, Opus 27, Espansiva
Supplement: Description of Leipzig manuscript
CNU II/4 Symphony No. 4, Opus 29, The Inextinguishable PDF
CNU II/5 Symphony No. 5, Opus 50 PDF
CNU II/6 Symphony No. 6, Sinfonia semplice PDF
CNU II/7 Orchestral Works 1: PDF
Andante tranquillo e Scherzo PDF
Suite for String Orchestra, Op. 1 PDF
Symphonic Rhapsody PDF
"Helios" Overture, Op.17 PDF
CNU II/8 Orchestral Works 2:
Saga Dream, Op.39
At the Bier of a Young Artist for string orchestra, Andante lamentoso
Nearer My God to Thee - paraphrase for wind band
Pan and Syrinx, Op.49 - Pastoral scene for orchestra
Rhapsody Overture - An Imaginary Journey to the Faroe Islands
Bohemian-Danish Folk Songs - Paraphrase for string orchestra
CNU II/9 Concertos: PDF
Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra, Op. 57 PDF
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra PDF
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 33  
CNU II/10 Chamber Music 1:
Prelude, Theme and Variations for Solo Violin, Op.48
Preludio e Presto for Solo Violin, Op. 52
Quartet for Two Violins, Viola and Cello in G Minor, Op.13
Quartet for Two Violins, Viola and Cello in F Minor, Op.5
Quartet for Two Violins, Viola and Cello in E Flat Major, Op.14
Quartet for Two Violins, Viola and Cello in F Major, Op. 44
Quintet for Two Violins, Two Violas and Cello
CNU II/11 Chamber Music 2:
Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano, Op.9
Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano, Op.35
Fantasy Pieces for Oboe and Piano, Op.2
Canto Serioso
Serenata in vano
Quintet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, and Bassoon, Op.43
Three Pieces for Langeleik; Allegretto for two Recorders
CNU II/12 Piano and Organ Works
Supplement to Suite, Op. 45: Description of Leipzig manuscript
CNU III/1 Cantatas 1:
Hymnus Amoris, Op.12
Sleep, Op.18
Springtime on Funen, Op.42
CNU III/2 Cantatas 2:
Cantata for the Lorenz Frøhlich celebration
Cantata for the inauguration of the Student Union building
Cantata for the annual University Commemoration, Op.24
Cantata for the commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the storming of Copenhagen
Cantata for the opening ceremony of the National Exhibition in Aarhus 1909    
CNU III/3 Cantatas 3:
Franz Neruda in Memoriam
Hymn for the Commemoration of the Niels W. Gade Centenary
Cantata for the Centenary of The Chamber of Commerce
Cantata for the Centenary of The Polytechnic College
Hymn to Art
Cantata for the Fiftieth Anniversary of The Society for the Education of Young Merchants
Poetry in Song and Music for the Inauguration of the Public Swimming Baths
CNU III/4-7 Songs  
Volume 1 PDF
Volume 2 PDF
Volume 3 PDF
Text volume including preface, critical commentary and singable translations into English PDF
CNU IV/1 Juvenilia and Addenda PDF

JPE Hartmann. Selected Works / Ausgewählte Werke

The Hartmann Edition is a critical edition of selected works. The edition is trilingual (Danish, German, English). However, the final audit report is only available in English.

See also the Hartmann Edition in the library system as well as the printed version in the library's webshop.

Series/volume JPEH no. Title  
I/1 JPEH 01 Symfoni nr. 1, opus 17 / Symphony No. 1, Opus 17 / Symphonie Nr. 1, Opus 17  
I/2 JPEH 02 Symfoni nr. 2, opus 48 / Symphony No. 2, Opus 48 / Symphonie Nr. 2, Opus 48  
III/1 JPEH 05 Klaverværker 1 / Piano Works 1 / Klavierwerke 1 PDF
III/2 JPEH 06 Klaverværker 2 / Piano Works 2 / Klavierwerke 2 PDF
    Supplement for JPEH 05-06 PDF
IV/1 JPEH 03 Liden Kirsten, opus 44 / Little Kirsten, Opus 44 / Klein Karin, Opus 44  
IV/2   Et Folkesagn / A Folk Tale / Eine Volkssage  
V/1 JPEH 04 Vølvens Spaadom, opus 71 / The Prophecy of the Sibyl, Opus 71 / Wahrspruch der Wölwe, Opus 71  

Danish Centre for Music Editing

The accumulated expertise from the Carl Nielsen Edition was continued in the Danish Centre for Music Editing (DCM), which in the period 2009-2020 functioned as a research unit at the library. The aim of the centre was to make available musical works and historical sources of interest to music research and practical music life. In this connection, there was also a focus on continuing, developing and expanding competences within music philology as well as developing methods and tools for digital music editing. The centre also published other music-related material, including catalogues of works.

Music editions

See also DCM music editions in the library system as well as printed editions from the publisher Edition S.

Title Form  
JF Frøhlich: Symphony in E flat major, opus 33 (DCM 010) Score PDF
Asger Hamerik: Qvartetto (DCM 018) Score PDF
Parts PDF
Emma Hartmann: Piano Pieces (DCM 016) Piano PDF
JPE Hartmann: Piano Trio (DCM 020) Score PDF
Peter Heise: Drot og Marsk (King and Marshal) Score, vol. 1 (DCM 012) PDF
Score, vol. 2 (DCM 013) PDF
Piano score (DCM 015)  
Parts (DCM 021)  
Peter Heise: Overture to 'Marshal Stig' (DCM 007) Score PDF
Parts PDF
Peter Heise: String Quartets (DCM 028) Score PDF
String Quartet No. 1, parts PDF
String Quartet No. 2, parts PDF
String Quartet No. 3, parts PDF
String Quartet No. 4, parts PDF
String Quartet No. 5, parts PDF
String Quartet No. 6, parts PDF
CFE Horneman: Aladdin Score, vol. 1 (DCM 030) PDF
Score, vol. 2 (DCM 030) PDF
Piano score (DCM 031)  
Parts (DCM 032)  
Paul von Klenau: 20 Songs to Texts by Ludvig Holstein (DCM 006) Score PDF
Paul von Klenau: Sonatine in E major (DCM 002) Piano PDF
Paul von Klenau: Sonata in F minor (DCM 001) Piano PDF
Paul von Klenau: Piano Concerto (DCM 023) Score PDF
Paul von Klenau: Symphony No. 8 (DCM 027) Score PDF
Paul von Klenau: Symphony No. 9 Score (DCM 014) PDF
Piano score (DCM 017) PDF
Parts (DCM 019) PDF
HC Lumbye: Queen Louise Waltz (DCM 004) Score PDF
Parts PDF
HC Lumbye: Maritana (DCM 005) Score PDF
Parts PDF
HC Lumbye: Telegraph Gallop (DCM 003) Score PDF
Parts PDF
Carl Nielsen: Quintet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn and Bassoon, Opus 43 (Selected Sources for Carl Nielsen's Works, Vol. 2) Facsimile edition PDF
Georg Patermann: Two Wedding Motets (DCM 008) Vocal score PDF
JA Scheibe: Passion Cantata (DCM 011) Score PDF
Selected works from the Moravian Society in Christiansfeld (DCM 022) Score PDF
Andreas Friederich Ursinus: Organ Chorales (DCM 026) Organ PDF

Work lists

DCM's works catalogues are thematic-bibliographic catalogues. This means that, among other things, they show the beginning of each composition and refer to the known sources for the works, including printed editions from the composer's lifetime.

See also DCM's catalogues in the library system as well as printed editions at Museum Tusculanums Forlag and Multivers.

Carl NielsenCatalogue of Carl Nielsen's Works (CNW)Online version
JA ScheibeJohann Adolph Scheibe. A Catalogue of His Works (SchW)Online version
JPE HartmannJPE Hartmann. Thematic-Bibliographic Catalogue of His Works (HartW)Online version
Niels W. GadeNiels W. Gade. Thematic-Bibliographic Catalogue of His Works (NWGW)Online version
Carl NielsenBibliography 1985-2019Online version
Peter HaugeBibliography. Textual Criticism and Philology. Music Editing and NotationOnline version