Victor Albecks Vej, Aarhus

In the iconic book tower on Victor Albecks Vej in Aarhus, you can collect and return material, use the reading areas and dine in the canteen.

Bogtårenet, Victor Albecks Vej, Aarhus

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard


The wireless network is accessible to all users of the library and covers the entire library. To gain access to the network, you need to log on to 'eduroam' or 'KB-Guest' - the latter requires that you accept the terms of use.

If you need help getting online access, please contact Vejledningen (Guidance) on the first floor.

Please note, that eduroam connection requires that you are from an institution, that is part of the Eduroam collaboration. Contact your own institution to get information on how to access Eduroam.

You can find lockers on the lower floor, TænkePausen. 

The lockers are locked with a self-selected code - you will find detailed instructions next to the lockers.

One locker may be borrowed per person.

The locker can be borrowed for a maximum of one semester, so remember to empty your locker at the end of the semester.

Note: The lockers are emptied and released at the end of the semester.

The PCs at the working corridor, 1st floor, provide unrestricted access to the service Mediestream.


At the so-called Tænkepausen, on the lower floor, you can access a bathroom with a shower.

Baby dressing room

Baby dressing rooms are also found at Tænkepausen on the lower floor, and at the Ringgade entrance.


Toilets are found on every floor.

Accessible toilets are found on the ground floor and the lower floor.

The library garden

A recreational, green oasis unfolds on the first floor. Stop here to have a rest, meet your fellow students or simply enjoy it, as you pass by it on your way to collect or return material.


Time for quiet time or relaxation on the lower floor. Use our special room for mindfulness.

On the lower floor, you can also find the library’s massage chairs - we have five. They are free to use.

You also have the option to play table football, table tennis, various board games, PlayStation or to be put to a challenge at the punch ball or the TRX belt.

Study places and reading rooms

You have access to five group study rooms at Arbejdsgangen, 1st floor. You can make reservations using the timetable hanging in front of every group study room. You can make reservations 2 x 3 hours per week.

Study places are found on both the first and second floor. These cannot be reserved in advance.

The reading room holds 100 seats that are also 100% quiet, 22 of these have height adjustable desks.

Water is allowed but foods must be enjoyed in the canteen, entrance hall or the dining area in Tænkepausen, found on the lower floor.

The seats cannot be reserved in advance.

You have access to the Reading room’s reference collection, which is made up of approx 23.000 books and journals mostly in the field of the humanities, theology and psychology.

On the first and second floors you have access to two small quiet reading rooms called Stilheden 1 and Stilheden 2.

If you need rare or old material, this is found in the reading room for special material.

The room has video surveillance and when you exit the room, your material must be placed in a locker which is locked. You can borrow a key for the room and a locker to keep the material during the day.

Outdoor clothes and bags are not allowed in the room but can be stored in the wardrobe. Food and beverages are not allowed in the room.

Please contact Vejledningen (Guidance) on the first floor, if you have ordered special material - they will tell you how to proceed.

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