Inquiry about digitisation of images, books, maps, and so on

In our photo studio, we offer a range of digitisation services to both private users and business customers. For example, get an aerial photo for the wall or a letter for a book publication digitised.

Employee presents map of Denmark from Det Kgl. Bibliotek's collections
Photo: Thomas Søndergaard

Send us your inquiry on the material you would like digitised. Then we find out if it is possible and return with a possible price.

You are also welcome to contact us regarding major digitisation projects that we may be able to solve for you.

All prices are inclusive VAT.

High resolution files, for printing
(TIFF, 300 dpi, Adobe 1998 RGB profile)
Reproduction of originals, single sheets
(eg photos, loose sheets, etc.)
Originals ≤ A3, pr. file Kr. 325
Originals ≤ A2, pr. file Kr. 625
Reproduction of originals, hardcover
eg manuscripts, books, periodicals, etc.)
Original (s) ≤ A1, pr. file Kr. 425
Original (s) ≤ A0, pr. file Kr. 850
In the case of difficult-to-handle materials in obsolete formats,
a handling fee may be expected in special cases
Kr. 650
Expedition of previous digitizations
(which can not be freely downloaded in high resolution)
Regardless of size, per. file Kr. 300
Low resolution files, for web / screen use
Reproduction of originals
Original (s) ≤ A3, pr. file Kr. 30
Minimum debit DKK 500,00
(ie 1-25 files: DKK 500,00 and 26 files: DKK 520,00 etc.)
Expedition of previous digitizations
(which can not be freely downloaded in high resolution)
Pr. file Kr. 20
Minimum debit DKK 625
(ie 1-42 files = DKK 625 and 43 files = DKK 640 etc.)
Delivery per. mail Kr. 45

Payment can be made by credit card or per. invoice.

You can find many of our aerial photos in An Aerial View of Denmark. From here you can search for an aerial photo yourself and download a digital copy directly.

We can also do it for you at a price of DKK 250, - excl. VAT / DKK 312.50 incl. VAT pr. file. The price includes a light retouching as well as image processing.

We also offer printing of already digitised aerial photos on photo paper.

Size Price for printing aerial photo
Up to A4 DKK 225.00 excl. VAT / DKK 312.50 incl. VAT
Until A3 DKK 320.00 excl. VAT / DKK 400.00 incl. VAT
Until A2 DKK 400.00 excl. VAT / DKK 500.00 incl. VAT
Until A1 DKK 490.00 excl. VAT / DKK 612.50 incl. VAT

If the desired aerial photo has not already been digitised, use the form below for price information.

  • You can expect a response within 10 business days.
  • Please note that copyrighted material cannot normally be supplied as a digital copy. Unfortunately, we cannot offer legal advice in connection with copyright.
  • When you buy a digitisation of material from our collections, we reserve the right to subsequently make the digital copy freely available to all other users. That way, they can also benefit from the digitisation.

Information about the work

For works without origin (or if you do not know the origin of the work), write "Unknown"
Write "Unknown" if you do not have an ID

Delivery format

The copy is to be delivered as
Image files are delivered per e-mail

Contact Information

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