We offer digitisation of material from our extensive collections of books, pictures, newspapers, aerial photos and music releases.

Employee in the process of digital newspaper photography

Photo: Martin Lund

Images, books, maps, drawings etc.

Our photographic studio offers a range of digitisation services for both private users and business customers.


You can purchase a high quality image of a newspaper page, to be printed in A2 or A3 sizes. The perfect gift for a “round” birthday, an anniversary or a confirmation.

As a business customer you also have the option to order a digital copy of a newspaper for e.g. book illustrations, museum exhibitions and TV and film productions.

Music and audio

You can request digitisations of music and audio releases from our collections for private use. They must have been manufactured in Denmark and no longer be available for purchase in common stores, including streaming and download services.

As a business customer, you have the opportunity to order a digital copy of music and sound releases in public domain (which is thus not subject to copyright).

Radio, TV and advertising films

According to the general agreement on the use of audiovisual material, museums can purchase a copy of a broadcast or advertising film for 450 DKK + VAT per. PCS.

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