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Mediestream gives online access to our unique digital collection of historical newspapers, radio and tv-shows and tv and movie theatre commercials.

Mediestream - avisudklip Det Kgl. Bibliotek


Mediestream contains the newspapers that were digitized during the period 2014-2017, where 35 million newspaper pages from the National Newspaper Collection were digitized. See the list of newspapers in Mediestream.

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Radio and TV-shows

Mediestream contains radio and TV-shows that were broadcasted on select Danish channels since 2006. The content is updated with new shows on an ongoing basis but there will always be a delay of two to three weeks from a show has been broadcasted until it appears in Mediestream. A select number of less recent TV-shows are also made available on an ongoing basis.

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The commercials in Mediestream are made up of movie theatre commercials from the period 1907-1995 and TV 2 commercials from the period 1988-2005.

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Mediestream can be used freely on a number of PCs in the Black Diamond in Copenhagen, on Victor Albecks Vej in Aarhus and at the Danish Film Institute. Because large parts of the material in Mediestream is copyright protected, it is not possible to give users unrestricted online access to everything. Different conditions for access apply to the different types of material in Mediestream.

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