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How to find Danish newspapers

We have almost all of the Danish newspapers that have been published from 1666 to the present day. Some are available digitally and some are not.

Ophav ukendt

Use our search engines first

Approximately half of the newspapers in our collection are available digitally and can be searched and found in Mediestream, which contains newspapers from 1666 to 2013. Volumes prior to 1. January 1921 can be read from home but to read more recent volumes you must visit locations affiliated with Det Kgl. Bibliotek. The so-called ownerless newspapers in Mediestream can also be read on a large number of public libraries.

You can also try to search in Infomedia, which contains newspapers published from 1990 and onwards. Please note, that you only have full access to Infomedia if you are located in the library.

Could not find what you are looking for?

If the newspaper you are searching for is not available digitally, it may be available on microfilm which can be viewed in a reading room in Thee Black Diamond, Copenhagen or on Victor Albecks Vej, Aarhus.

In the study reading room, you can find selected microfilms from Danish newspapers published prior to 2010. They are available for general use. If you want to be sure that you can view a microfilm before visiting the reading room, write to Ask the Library first. If you need help, you are welcome to contact our staff.

The microfilm must be ordered first because it has to be found first from our magazine. In our library system, you can find the newspaper by searching the title followed by the word "microfilm". Open the relevant post and click the funnel-icon to activate filters. By clicking on "description", you can choose the period you want to order.

Alternatively, you can click on the "Order other volumes/booklet"-button and write which period you want to order, under description.

You will be notified when the microfilm is ready for use at our microfilm readers on the 1st floor.

If this does not work either, try the original newspapers

If the newspaper is not available on microfilm either, you can search for it in the library system which contains information on nearly all of our original newspapers. The newspaper is ordered by searching on its title, opening the post and pressing ”order”. Enter information about which dates you want to view.

If you cannot find the newspaper in the library system, there is still a chance that we have it. Send an inquiry using this form

Regardless of your method of ordering, you will be notified when the newspaper is ready at Tangen in Aarhus, where we keep the collection of newspapers. The reading room is located here in order for the newspapers to avoid unnecessary transportation. This means that it is not possible to view original newspapers in The Black Diamond or any other of our locations affiliated with Det Kgl. Bibliotek.

Please note that you are only allowed to view original newspapers that are not available digitally or on microfilm.

Danish residents

You can order a photocopy of all our newspapers. You can order articles and full pages.

To order, you need to be a registered user. You can register using NemId on this page - choose “Private user”.

Afterwards, you can order photocopies via this form. Remember to choose “Copy from microfilm”.

Copies come in black/white in paper sizes A4 or A3 at 0.55 DKK per pc. We will choose the best size if we are not instructed otherwise. Shipping is free.

You pay via a print account, which is assigned automatically when you register as a user. You need to make a deposit to your print account before we can send you the copies.

Please note, that the quality of the microfilm will determine the quality of the copies.

International residents

Please contact your local library, if you would like to have a copy of a newspaper page. Your local library will be able to help you by making use of the interlibrary lending service. Any payments can be made by using IFLA vouchers.

Still unsure where to look?

If you need help, use Ask the Library.