Waste sorting among users

Help sort your waste for recycling, so we get more recycling and less rubbish.

Bins for waste sorting in rooms in The Black Diamond

Photo: Mette Godiksen

It is now possible to sort your waste at Royal Danish Library, so you can contribute to more recycling and less rubbish. It is good for the environment and makes the economy more circular.

We have replaced all our old bins with four compartment bins. We sort in:

  • General waste
  • Food waste
  • Plastic and food and drink cartons (plus metal in Aarhus)
  • Paper

In addition, there is bottle deposit returns at the canteen on Victor Albecks Vej in Aarhus and the cafe in The Black Diamond in Copenhagen.

The four groups of waste correspond to what you typically throw out in our bins in the audience areas. But of course we sort our own waste into even more groups in our back rooms.