The sustainable procurement policy

We purchase goods and services according to principles that will help us reduce our climate impact. Read more about them and our other guidelines in this regard.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, it was decided in the latest framework agreement that sustainability must run as a common thread in the library's overall strategy. The work with sustainability has been decided to concentrate on climate action, which is why we have launched the library's first strategy in the area, "Climate Strategy: A Greener Library".

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard

The biggest source of CO2 emissions from us comes from our procurement of goods and services. Therefore, it has been agreed that the library will in future procure according to six principles, which are intended to ensure that purchases are made with a greater focus on sustainability.

The six principles are:

  1. Obtaining green prices versus black prices
  2. Collect purchases and save on transport
  3. Use of green labels, standards and certifications
  4. Use of total costs and life cycle costs
  5. Use of labour clauses and/or an active CSR policy
  6. Further education, competence courses and networks

We focus on recycling

In addition to the six principles, we only purchase new items when we have investigated whether there is already an item available in the library that can be reused directly, or that can be repaired and used again.

We expect to implement the procurement policy continuously in the organisation.