Tangen, Aarhus

The newspaper collection is kept in our storage room in Aarhus. In the newspaper reading room, you can read the original newspapers and get access to the digitised editions.

Magazine building with cars parked in front

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard

Reading room

There are reading spaces for you, so we avoid having to transport the newspapers. In this way, we spare them as much as possible.

Only newspapers that are not found in Mediestream or on microfilm are made available in their original form.

Please note that you must have ordered newspapers in advance to be able to see them in the reading room.

Once you have ordered newspapers and we have confirmed that these can be made available, you must reserve time in the reading room.

For preservation reasons, newspapers from 2016 onwards cannot be ordered for the reading room. We refer instead to Infomedia.


Wireless networks are available to all users of the reading room. To join, you must join the network "Eduroam" or "KB-Guest" - the latter requires acceptance of the terms of connection.

Note that joining Eduroam presupposes that you come from an institution that is part of the Eduroam partnership. It is your own institution that can tell you how to get on Eduroam.

Food and beverages

You are welcome to bring your own lunch and eat it in the cafeteria.


There is parking in front of the building.