Prices for orders from abroad

It costs nothing to obtain materials from Denmark, but materials from abroad are sometimes subject to payment.

Stack of books

Photo: Mahendra Kumar / Unsplash

We can help obtain materials from other libraries - also known as interlibrary loans.

Materials obtained from Denmark do not cost anything.
This applies to all users.

Materials obtained from abroad may be subject to payment.
See below whether you have to pay.

Materials obtained from abroad are free of charge for

  • Public libraries
  • Students and employees at KU, AU, RUC and ITU
    (However, this does not apply to theses and the like. These are settled at cost price, and as a user you will always be informed of this before we start the order.)
  • AUH employees
  • Employees in the central administration

Materials from abroad cost 100 DKK per material for

  • Private users
  • Research libraries
  • Medical subject libraries
  • CUH employees
  • Research institutions

Materials from abroad cost 200 DKK per material for

  • Companies

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