Handwritten letter

Photo: Ophav ukendt

While you wait: Listen to letters

We are much more than our locations. Listen when Lotte Andersen, Claus Høxbroe and Ellen Hillingsø and others read aloud letters from our collections.

Maybe you have been sent home from work and have nothing to do. Maybe you just miss a good experience and the theatres, football stadiums and museums are closed. We want to help. And we can, even if our locations are closed, because Royal Danish Library has a lot of digital content that you can find and view directly from your living room.

We have more than two million letters in our collections. Some are handwritten, others are published. What they have in common is that they give us access to the past. They are little pockets of time, allowing you to be the fly on the wall to events in the past: a broken relationship, a budding friendship, love, exile or escape. Our letter performances celebrate the handwritten personal letter that seems on its way to becoming extinct.

Remember to take care of yourselves and others while we wait.

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Ellen Hillingsø: Letter from Ingeborg Stuckenberg to her sister Agnes


Cecilia Lindqvist: Letter from Victoria Benedictsson to Georg Brandes


Mathias Skov Rahbæk: Letter from Otto Harder to his mother


Claus Høxbroe: Letter from Herman Bang to Peter Nansen


Lotte Andersen: Letter from Karen Blixen to Thomas Dinesen (excerpt)