Close-up of page in Dante's Divine Comedy
Photo: Det Kgl. Bibliotek

While you wait: Get to know our treasures

Hear our experts talk about some of the most unique materials in Det Kgl. Bibliotek's collections.

​Det Kgl. Bibliotek have enormous amounts of materials. In fact, we have so much that we no longer have room for it in a single place, but instead store it in several different buildings across the country. Some of the material is particularly noteworthy. It is what we sometimes call our treasures. It either is or shows something meaningful about our history, sometimes even world history. We have recorded some videos on a few of the most important of our treasures.

The videos are in Danish.

The letter collection

Bruno Svindborg talks about Det Kgl. Bibliotek's collections of up to two million letters.


A source of an important period in Danish history

Ivan Boserup talks about the Cortenay Compendium, which contains 33 texts in Latin - among these a story about Knude the Great and Queen Emma. The compendium is a new written source from an important period in Danish history.


Picture book about an English colony in North America

Erland Kolding Nielsen talks about von Reck's picture book about the English colony of Georgia in North America.


Jyske Lov

Erland Kolding Nielsen talks about Jyske Lov (Codex Holmiensis).


Guides for the bewildered

Eva-Maria Jansson talks about the beautiful and famous Hebrew work Moreh nevukhim (guides for the bewildered) - and also a little about Yoda from Star Wars.


The Inca Chronicle

Ivan Boserup tells about the Inca Chronicle, which depicts the story of Spain's conquest of Peru seen from the perspective of the Indigenous population.


Pierre Bayle's encyclopaedia

Anders Toftgaard talks about Det Kgl. Bibliotek's copy of Pierre Bayle's excellent and unique encyclopaedia.


Saxo's Denmark Chronicle

Erik Petersen talks about Saxo's Denmark Chronicle.


Kierkegaard's archive

Bruno Svindborg talks about Søren Kierkegaard's archive at Det Kgl. Bibliotek. Among other things, manuscripts, diary notes and letters.