Torsten Schlichtkrull talks about the book Birds of America

Photo: Det Kgl. Bibliotek

While you wait: Get to know our treasures

Hear our experts talk about some of the most unique materials in the library's collections.

​Royal Danish Library have enormous amounts of materials. In fact, we have so much that we no longer have room for it in a single place, but instead store it in several different buildings across the country. Some of the material is particularly noteworthy. It is what we sometimes call our treasures. It either is or shows something meaningful about our history, sometimes even world history. We have recorded some videos on a few of the most important of our treasures.

The videos are in Danish.

The Divine Comedy

Anders Toftgaard talks about Royal Danish Library's copy of Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy.

The aesthetic function of bookbinding

Anders Toftgaard talks about the aesthetic function of bookbinding.

Johann Sebastian Bach's handwritten manuscript

Anne Ørbæk Jensen talks about Johann Sebastian Bach's handwritten manuscript.

The first printed book

Anders Toftgaard talks about the Gutenberg Bible, which is the first printed book.

Hans Christian Andersen's works

Bruno Svindborg talks about the works by Hans Christian Andersen in Royal Danish Library's collections.

One of the world's largest books

Torsten Schlichtkrull talks about one of the world's largest books, The Birds of America by John James Audubon.

Karen Blixen's works

Bruno Svindborg talks about Karen Blixen's works, authorship and letters.

An ordinary photo can be a cultural treasure

Jens Erdman Rasmussen explains how a seemingly ordinary landscape photo can constitute a cultural treasure.