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Gifts and donations

Do you have material that you think is of interest to the Royal Library, please always remember to contact us before sending or handing it to us.

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Laura Stamer

The library regularly receives offers for donations in the form of, for example, archive material and book gifts.

Please note that we already receive the entire Danish production of printed publications in accordance with the law on compulsory delivery.

Criteria for reception

  • Danish publications are generally only accepted if we do not already have them.
  • Archives, pictures and the like are only accepted if we consider that they have national, cultural-historical significance.
  • Foreign material is not normally received unless it has professional use value.

Therefore, always contact us before sending a donation to us. We only accept materials that meet the above criteria and whose ownership is transferred entirely to the library.

Read more about our policy in this area (in danish).

Terms of reception

If the donation is not included in the collection, we reserve the right to use it in another way, eg send it on to another institution.

We also always reserve the right to discard received material.

  • Deposits / deposits are not accepted
  • Special registration requirements are not accepted
  • As a rule, we do not accept donations that are sent without agreement with the library.

Legal Deposit

Lost items

We are looking for a number of materials that are missing in the collections. This applies to both material that we want to incorporate to make the collections complete, and material that has been lost after lending or in some other way. If you think you have knowledge of, for example, a book that belongs to the library, please of course also contact us.