Overview of digital pamphlets

Our digital collections contain a wealth of everyday pamphlets and other small print. We have divided them into topics here, so you can learn more about how to find them.

Party programmes

Digitisations of political party manifestos, party programmes, election campaign material and more.

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Department store catalogues

Catalogues from the large Danish department stores, for example Magasin, Illum and Daells Varehus.

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Danish design

Various small print related to Danish design. It can be from Lego, B&O, Georg Jensen and more. The prints are advertising prints, exhibition catalogues, price lists and so on.

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Danish West Indies

Material related to the Danish West Indies, now the US Virgin Islands, during the period under Danish rule. It can be anything from school regulations in Saint Croix municipality to small print related to the islands' carnival.

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World War I and reunification 1914-1920

Denmark was not directly involved in the First World War, but the war was still of great importance to Denmark, partly because it led to reunification with Southern Jutland. We have collected celebration prints in connection with the reunification, political agitation during the war and much more.

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Office Manager With's collection of scrapbooks

The contents of the scrapbooks range from the period 1857 to 1929. They provide an intriguing insight into how one, as a man of the better bourgeoisie, lived at that time.

In the scrapbooks he has collected material from his many trips abroad, programmes from countless theatre performances, concerts and performances of all kinds, exhibition catalogues and circus programmes.

The books also contain stories, laws and membership lists and more from some of the associations he was a member of, as well as newspaper articles on contemporary topics and songs from various funerals he attended.

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Women's suffrage

Small print related to the struggle for equal suffrage for men and women. These are leaflets, reports from the Danish Women's National Council, association laws and much more.

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Human exhibitions

Around the turn of the century in 1900, it became popular to exhibit people from countries that were then perceived as exotic. In Denmark, it took place in Tivoli and the Zoo, among other places. Here you will find programmes and guides for the exhibitions.

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