Drawing with motif by Nick Cave for the exhibition Stranger Than Kindness

Photo: Ben Smith

The Nick Cave Exhibition: Stranger Than Kindness

Eight large installations with over 300 objects form a journey into the complex, creative universe of the musician, storyteller and cultural icon Nick Cave.

"A unique exhibition" - Gaffa
"Like being at Nick Cave's home" - Jyllands-Posten
"A touching visualisation of inspiration and love" - Information
"A gigantic and impressive collection, where we enter completely into the spaces of Nick Cave's life and development (...)" - Magasinet Kunst
"Let's us into an artist's brain and impresses (...)" - Politiken

Nick Cave's total work covers a wide range of media and forms of expression - all with narrative at the center. "Stranger Than Kindness" invited the audience to follow Cave's development as an artist and provided an insight into the overall themes of his works, his working methods and his many sources of inspiration. Behind each work lies an equally fascinating artistic process that was not originally intended for the eyes of the public. The exhibition opened up the innermost parts of Cave's creative universe, presented as a narrative in itself.

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