Exhibitions in The Black Diamond

Storytelling, sensuous experiences and unique objects set the mind in motion when visiting exhibitions in The Black Diamond.

With cultural heritage as an inexhaustible reservoir, everything from Søren Kierkegaard to contemporary art is staged, with particular emphasis on literature and photography.

#DKgame - Danish computer games from 1960s to 2020s The background colours of the DK game exhibition
New exhibition in The Black Diamond



The Camera and Us Photographer Peter Elfelt takes a self-portrait in a mirror.

The Camera and Us


TREASURES in Royal Danish Library Blue jays from Birds of America

TREASURES in Royal Danish Library


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Previous exhibitions

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Image by Per Bak Jensen with the title The Beginning (2021)


Dialogue about the nature of war is the central focal point for this spring's special exhibition in the Black Diamond with Ismar Cirkinagic and Per Bak Jensen.

The Black Diamond, Copenhagen