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If you want to know more

Do you feel like immersing yourself further in the history of feminism in Denmark? Then we will direct you to a number of key works - most with direct digital access.

In connection with the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Danish Women's Society, we at Royal Danish Library have digitised a number of journals, books, pamphlets, etc. from the period 1850-1945, which deal with the early feminist wave in Denmark. Below we have chosen sources from the digitised material and from material published after 1945 that is still only available in physical form. The material is in Danish.

Fredrik Bajer: Dansk Kvindesamfunds Stiftelsesår 1871, 1905

Gyrithe Lemche: Dansk Kvindesamfunds Historie gennem 40 Aar: med Tillæg 1912-1918, 1939 

Aagot Lading: Dansk Kvindesamfunds Arbejde gennem 25 Aar, 1939 

Eva Hemmer Hansen: Blåstrømper, rødstrømper, uldstrømper: Dansk Kvindesamfunds historie i 100 år, 1970

Danish Women's Society protocols 1871-1990

Danish Women's Society pamphlets 1885-1893

Speeches held in the Danish Women's Society

“Woman and Society”

The journal of the Danish Women's Society began to be published in 1885 and is still published today. The first copies from 1885-1920 have been digitised and can be read as part of KVINFO's project "Journals 1885-1920" , where there is also access to some of the other women's political journals from the period.

In Mediestream, which contains a large part of the Danish newspapers published throughout time, you can also read about women's topics and events. For example, you can read about the Women's Procession on 5 June 1915.

You can find more digitised material from the women's movement and research on it in our library system.

Thank you!

We have borrowed photos and illustrations from Danish Women's Society, the Women's Council of Denmark and the Women's Building for this online exhibition.