Order radio and TV broadcasts

You can order radio and TV broadcasts from our collection that are not yet available in Mediestream.

If you order a single broadcast, we digitise it and add it to Mediestream.

Remember that you can watch and listen to radio and TV broadcasts in Mediestream in our reading rooms. If your institution has purchased a license for Mediestream, you have access from home.

Read more in our guide to finding Danish radio and TV broadcasts.

Ordering radio material is not possible

You can currently only order TV broadcasts. Orders for radio broadcasts await the ongoing digitisation of archival tapes with entire broadcast surfaces from the period approximately 1980-2005.

If you need radio broadcasts newer than the second half of 2005 or already digitised individual broadcasts from before 1980, we refer you to Mediestream instead.

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It is currently only possible to order TV broadcasts
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As a student or lecturer at a Danish university, you can watch ordered TV broadcasts in Mediestream (if your institution is licensed). Radio broadcasts broadcast before 2006 and television broadcasts are provided as a file.

As a private user, you can use radio and TV programs in our reading rooms on Victor Albecks Vej, Aarhus or in Den Sorte Diamant, Copenhagen . The material cannot be borrowed or copied.

As a researcher, you can watch ordered TV broadcasts in Mediestream and receive radio broadcasts from before 2006 and TV broadcast surfaces as a file.

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