Information on the photo cardboards

Photographs of Danish visual art are pasted on cardboard and provided with information about the photograph. Find help regarding the information on the photo cardboards here.

Road through the Village, artwork by Albert Gottschalk

Photo: Albert Gottschalk

We have digitised all the library's photographs of Danish visual art. You will find them in the digital collections.

The photographs (usually black and white) are mounted on cardboard and provided with information about the artist, date, motif, owner, exhibitions, sales etc.

Model of the photo cardboards

Information on what information can be found on the photo cartons
Model of the photo cardboards

Photo: Det Kgl. Bibliotek

The photographer's name is not always disclosed. In some cases, you can find the name through inventory records. In other cases, it is unknown.

Neg. no.
If a stamp or inscription appears, we have the negative. If it says nothing, we do not have it.

Dimensions and materials
Measurements are usually in cm.

The title of the artwork is usually indicated just below the photograph. If it doesn't say anything, it's probably because we do not know the title.

The owner of the artwork is often listed below the title in parentheses. Note that the information may be old, i.e. it dates from the time when the photograph was included in the collection.

If the owner of the image is a public institution, you must assume that this institution still has the work. If it is privately owned, the work can easily have changed hands several times. Sometimes the auction houses can help find the current owner.

Inv. no.
Inventory number. The first part is the serial number and the second part is the year. The year usually indicates the time when the photograph was included in the collection.

Artist's name.

Previous owners of the artwork.

Will often be indicated with abbreviations.

References to literature where the work is mentioned. If a reference is underlined, it means that the book has formed the starting point for the arrangement of the photographs. Often there is a name and a number. The name refers to the author and the number to the catalogue number of the book.

Photo collection place no.
Refers to the number that the cardboard (the taped photograph) has in the box where the photograph is kept.

Auxiliary index cards

Two auxiliary index cards for the collection with keys to the C and D numbers reproduced on the cards have also been digitised.

You can find them in the library system by searching for "help index".