Image, Camerata Øresund and Fieri Consort 2022, by Caroline Bittencourt

Photo: Caroline Bittencourt

French Christmas with Camerata Øresund

The traditional Christmas concert in The Black Diamond.


Delalande: Te Deum, Symphonies de Noel

Break (20 minutes)

Charpentier: Messe Minuit de Nöel

At this year's Christmas concert, Camerata Øresund invites you to dance with works from 17th-century France. France at this time was an artistic melting pot, embracing anything that could affirm its cultural identity. The search for grace and elegance was typically French.

The concert begins with Michel-Richard Delalande's magnificent motet Te Deum, which was performed at the royal court of Versailles. The piece was one of Delalande's most popular and most played, and has a great variety of timbre and emotion.

The concert will also feature a Christmas piece by Marc-Antoine Charpentier (the man behind Eurovision's theme song), which is a composition and rearrangement of 10 traditional French Christmas carols and a symphony by Delalande.

Camerata Øresund

Camerata Øresund is a group of passionate baroque musicians founded in 2010 by Peter Spisšký. The members of the group all reside in the Øresund region. The group is a platform for the region's large pool of talent, such as the Swedish harpsichord virtuoso Marcus Mohlin and the Danish violinist Tinne Albrechtsen, both of whom are at the core of the group.

Peter Spisšký

Peter Spisšký is the concertmaster and initiator of Camerata Øresund. Peter moved from Slovakia to Sweden to study in Malmö just a few days after Czechoslovakia won back its freedom in the famous "Velvet Revolution". His efforts and interest in early music began already during his violin studies in Bratislava, which in many ways was much more advanced than in the Nordic countries.

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