Stregtegning af Den Sorte Diamants Facade set mon Knippelsbro.

Photo: Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Exhibition opening: ON THE EDGE - The Black Diamond 25 years

Join us when the Royal Danish Library opens the exhibition ON THE EDGE on the occasion of The Black Diamond's 25th anniversary in 2024.


  • Free entrance to the exhibition
  • Opening speech by Svend Larsen and Christina Back, respectively Chief Executive and Exhibition Manager, Royal Danish Library
  • Conversation a partner from Schmidt Hammer Lassen, and Jytte Hilden, formerly Minister of Culture and Head of Culture at The Black Diamond, moderated by Christina Bach

This afternoon we celebrate the opening of the year's first special exhibition in The Black Diamond, and you can come along.

Experience i.a. a conversation with a partner from Schmidt Hammer Lassen and former Minister of Culture and Head of Culture at The Black Diamond Jytte Hilden. Schmidt Hammer Lassen is the studio behind The Black Diamond, while Jytte Hilden, as Minister of Culture, helped approve the expansion of the Royal Danish Library and, as the Diamond's first Head of Culture, was among the first to bring the big visions for the building to life.

ON THE EDGE - The Black Diamond 25 years

The Black Diamond is shaped like a sculptural monolith. With its distinct cubic shape and glossy black facade, the library's cultural centre has over time become one of Copenhagen's greatest architectural icons.

In 2024, The Black Diamond will have its 25th anniversary, and it will be celebrated with an anniversary exhibition in The Black Diamond. The exhibition focuses on the visions for the building, the Diamond's distinctive architecture and also on the building's role today.

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