Stefan Pasborg, Peter Jensen and Søren Kierkegaard
Peter Jensen, Stefan Pasborg og Søren Kierkegaard

Photo: Viggo J. Vognsgaard / Det Kgl. Bibliotek

Either - Or: Kierkegaard's words in music

Søren Kierkegaard's words experienced through music.


Peter Jensen/Stefan Pasborg: Either - Or

The work is commissioned by Royal Danish Library.

Either - Or is the title of Søren Kierkegaard's work from 1843, and with this work the composers Peter Jensen and Stefan Pasborg want to convey Kierkegaard's words through music - something that has not been attempted to a greater extent until now.

Focusing on Either - Or is rooted in the similarity they experience as musicians, between Kierkegaard's reflections on the choice made and the artistic choices (and non-choices), especially when they improvise. Stefan and Peter, inspired by Kierkegaard's text, have chosen to base their work on a dialogue between the concrete and the abstract with a clear "call/response" narrative as a general communication strategy.

The concert is a part of Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Stand On Your Feet and Fight

In 2017, Royal Danish Library commissioned a work by Peter Jensen to mark the 100th anniversary of the sale of the West Indies to the United States for performance by the DR Big Band. Watch this short clip to get an idea of Peter Jensen's music.


Peter Jensen, trombone and effects

Stefan Pasborg, drums and percussion

Nils Bo Davidsen, cello and double bass

Anders Filipsen, piano and keys

Adam Riis, vocals

Emil Lykke, vocals

Paul Frederiksen, vocals

Peter Voldsgaard Fristrup, vocals

The commission of the work Either – Or is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

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