Musikfestdage uden tekst

Photo: Det Kgl. Bibliotek

Music Festival Days in The Diamond – Friday

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Music Festival Days in The Diamond is a buffet of concerts, talks, workshops and much more based on classical music for both children and adults - organized in collaboration with Trio con Brio Copenhagen.

What are Music Festival Days in The Diamond?

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Explerience a wealth of musical events as The Black Diamond is filled with music – from a gala concert in the Queen's Hall to pop-up concerts on the Kirkeby Bridge to intimate solo concerts in the hidden corners of the grand building.

During the Musical Days you can enjoy performances by a range of international stars as well as Denmark's renowned ensembles and young talents. Together, they will unfold the diversity of classical music in 35 concerts on more than seven stages spread across The Black Diamond and the old library building over two days in a cornucopia of unique musical experiences.


Foto af Søren Sætter-Lassen på scenen
Actor Søren Sætter-Lassen puts words to the music

Photo: Julia Severinsen

Opening concert: Niels Klim's Underground Journey

At 8:00 p.m in the Queen's Hall.

Join us in the surprising underworld when the actor Søren Sætter-Lassen interprets Ludvig Holberg's novel Niels Klim's Underground Journey together with Trio con Brio Copenhagen and all the other participating musicians for Music Festival Days! The novel is Holberg's only one, and it is almost science fiction! In this performance, the text dialogues with several pieces of classical music by Grieg, Stravinsky, Saint-Saëns, Sørensen and Ravel, which enhances the atmosphere of Holberg's novel. Note that the reading is in Danish.


Søren Sætter-Lassen, Casals Quartet, Trio Con Brio Copenhagen, Fauré Quartet, Matthias Loibner, Nataša Mirković, Tessa Lark, Michael Thurber, Gustav Piekut, Jonas Frølund, Michael Germer, Nicholas Algot Swensen, Jonathan Algot Swensen, Aleksandra Dzenesenia


Grieg, Beethoven, Rossini, Bach, Debussy, Elgar, Stravinsky, Bernstein, Ravel,
Martin, Debussy, Handel, Waxman, Saint-Saëns, Sørensen.

Experience also

Experience the highly sought-after American violinist Tessa Lark, who has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Classical Instrumental Solo, along with composer and bassist Michael Thurber. In this concert, the duo will draw their joint album Invention as a starting point. The musical expression of the album stands as a combination of styles from completely different branches of instrumental music, and includes both inspirations from American folk music, bluegrass and Bach, whose inventions the duo has both interpreted and named the album after.


Tessa Lark (violin), Michael Thurber (bass)


JS Bach Inventions

Join us on an incredibly breathtaking journey into the Austrian winter landscape. "This is truly one of the most breathtaking and moving versions of Franz Shubert's Winterreise I have ever heard", says head of programme Jesper Egelund about the version of one of the major works of music history that we will hear at this concert. It is vocal chamber music with 24 songs set to the texts by the poet Wilhelm Müller, which in this version is performed by singer Nataša Mirković and Matthias Loibner on hurdy-gurdy (turning lyre).


Nataša Mirković, song. Matthias Loibner, hurdy-gurdy


Franz Schubert, Winterreise (arr. Loibner/ Mirković)

From Vienna to Copenhagen via Barcelona. Austria's capital, Vienna, gives its name to an entire style, Viennese classics, and two of the greatest exponents are the composers Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Here is the Casals Quartet with one of Haydn's "sun" quartets, which are considered the first masterpieces for the string quartet - they were composed as early as 1772. Mozart was younger and his dissonance quartet from 1785 is dedicated to Haydn, whom he admired, which was mutual. The Casals Quartet brings these two quartets with them, which suit the atmosphere of the Old Reading Room incredibly well.


Casals Quartet (ES): Vera Martinez, violin, Abel Thomás, violin, Jonathan Brown, viola, Arnau Thomás, cello


Haydn, String Quartet in G minor, Op. 20, no. 3., Hob.III: 33 "Sonne"
Mozart, String Quartet No. 19 in C Major, KV 465, "Dissonanzenquartett"

The tour is a walking tour in both the Black Diamond and in the older part of the library, the Holm and Hansen buildings - including places that are not normally accessible to the public. Along the way, we'll tell you about the architecture, history, cultural activities and the Royal Danish Library - and in several places you will be surprised by a musician! For example with Bach's solo music or folk music from Austria or Belarus.


Depending on Music Festival Days's other programme, three to four of the musicians present take part.

Experience the concert from the bridges on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor or in the Atrium.

The musicians are the brothers Algot Swensen, both rapidly rising stars in the classical music world, along with the just 21-year-old violinist Michael Germer and Jonas Frølund, who is one of Denmark's most promising young clarinetists. Listen to music from Frølund's new solo release solo alone and more.


Jonas Frølund, clarinet, Michael Germer, violin, Nicholas Algot Swensen, viola, Jonathan Algot Swensen, cello


Igor Stravinsky, three pieces for solo clarinet

Johann Sebastian Bach, solo pieces

Richard Wagner, Tristan and Isolde (arr. for solo clarinet)

Manuel Ponce, duo for violin and viola, excerpt

Bohuslav Martinů, three madrigals for violin and viola, in excerpts

Maurice Ravel, duo sonata for violin and cello, in excerpt

The joker is truly a joker - what will happen is a surprise! 

Music Festival Days in The Diamond is sponsored by the Augustinus Foundation, the Beckett Foundation, the William Demant Foundation, the Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation and the Knud Højgaard Foundation.

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