Grafik i sort hvid, som viser Diamantens facade
Line drawing of The Black Diamond's facade seen towards Knippelsbro.

Photo: Det Kgl. Bibliotek

The Black Diamond 25 years

The exhibition focuses keenly on the Diamond as an architectural landmark and as the users' building.

The Black Diamond is shaped like a sculptural monolith. With its distinct cubic shape and glossy black facade, the library's cultural centre has become one of Copenhagen's architectural icons.

But what does it really take to create the framework for a National Library? How many coordinate points does it take to make concrete ripple and a facade slope? What significance does the Black Diamond have for the hundreds of thousands of guests who use the building's many facilities each year? And what has the Diamond meant for the transformation of the waterfront from abandoned industry to vibrant city centre?

The Black Diamond has its 25th anniversary in 2024, and it will be celebrated with an anniversary exhibition. The exhibition focuses on the visions for the building, the Diamond's distinctive architecture and at the same time focuses on the building's role today.

The exhibition The Black Diamond 25 years has been made in collaboration with Schmidt Hammer Lassen, the design studio behind the Diamond, and will include both drawings, architectural models, photography, video and text.