This e-collection consists of selected digitised Danish journals:

  • The portal Tidsskrift.dk with nine Danish scientific journals, interdisciplinary and within several subjects, in full text with online searchability. The portal also gives links to ten other digitised journals.
  • Illustreret Tidende depicted for over 60 years its contemporaries in a unique way, and from 1859 to 1924 the journal presented news, topical information, literary material and entertainment of exceptionally good value. The journal was unique at the time, and is today an important historical source.
  • Fund og Forskning online is the electronic counterpart to The Royal Library’s journal of the same name. Apart from featuring supplementary material to the printed articles – for example extensive pictorial collections, lengthy bibliographies, sources etc. – also independent articles are published in full text.
  • Danske kulturtidsskrifter 1917-45: Three Danish journals online: Klingen – Clarté – Kritisk Revy.
  • Danske Musiktidsskrifter: Full text journals in The Virtual Music Library: Dansk Musik Tidsskrift – Jazz Special – Nordic Sounds – MM – Col Legno – Cæcilia – Musik og Forskning.

Moreover, The Royal Library maintains a list of topical Danish journals and newspapers on the Internet. The list is arranged alphabetically.

Contact: Agnete Rodskjer agro@kb.dk