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Regulations for research institutions/companies

This application form applies exclusively to the institution or company as a whole. If you want to register as an individual, please register as a private-use patron.

§1 Registration

You register as a patron by filling out the special application form via the library’s homepage. The form is filled out and sent to Ask the Library.

§2 Use

research institutions and companies can order material for home loan.

§3 Loan period

The loan period is usually one month, unless otherwise stated. The maximum loan period is 6 months.

§4 Delivery

Delivery options are pick-up or parcel with a payment of 150 DKK per item.

§5 Recalls and suspension

A reminder is sent out before expiry date and 3 recall notices after expiry date per mail. Fees are added after the 2nd and 3rd recall notice.

§6 Liability

In the event of lost material, research institutions and companies are subject to the same claim for compensation as private patrons.