Regulations for public areas at Det Kgl. Bibliotek

These regulations apply to the locations affiliated with Det Kgl. Bibliotek.

§1. Introduction

These regulations apply to the locations affiliated with Det Kgl. Bibliotek. Det Kgl. Bibliotek is a public library that can be used according to its purpose by anyone provided that it is not in violation of applicable regulations and complies with staff instructions.

§2. General use

The library is a working science and university library. Visitors must show consideration for the study environment and avoid inappropriate behaviour.

Section 2
The study places and the study facilities are reserved for persons visiting the library for study purposes. Visitors should avoid having conversations in the reading rooms and other quiet areas.

Section 3
Use of lockers. The library reserves the right to inspect lockers on an ongoing basis.

Section 4
Mobile telephones are allowed but must be in silent mode. Conversation is not allowed in the reading rooms.

Section 5
Aarhus, Victor Albecks Vej 1: Food is not allowed in the reading room.

Copenhagen: Dry snacks and beverages with a lid are allowed in the reading rooms.

The Black Diamond: Special regulations apply to the research reading room.

The Danish National Art Library: Special regulations apply to the Study room in Søborg.

For other public areas, please refer to local signage. All forms of smoking indoors are prohibited.

Section 6
Private guided tours are not allowed, unless explicitly authorised by the library.

Kindergartens and school classes are not allowed on any address belonging to library.

The Black Diamond: Children must always be accompanied by an adult. Visits from kindergartens and school classes must be booked in advance.

Animals are not allowed, certified assistance dogs excluded.

Section 7
Materials and equipment available for use on site must be handled with care. Damages will result in liability to pay compensation. Underlining in books and magazines, additions, folding the corner of pages etc. is considered as damage.

§ 3. Use of PCs

The PCs in the public areas are mainly for visitors who are using the library’s information resources and services.

The library reserves the right to restrict the use of library equipment, including downloading, printing from PCs and similar. Use may be restricted in terms of time, functions or for certain user groups.

Section 2
Changing operating systems and the settings of the public PCs, disconnecting library hardware and using your own IT equipment is not allowed. Connecting your own equipment to PCs or similar is not allowed.

§4. Suspension/exclusion

All visitors are obligated to comply with library regulations and staff instructions. Violations may result in suspension from the library’s locations, aggravating circumstances may result in exclusion to use the library.

§5. Complaints

Complaints regarding use of the library should be addressed to the library management and sent to Complaints regarding the library’s decisions can be appealed to the Ministry of Culture.