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Regulations for loans from the Royal Danish Library’s Orchestral Collection

  1. Professional orchestras or choirs, established amateur orchestras or choirs and music education institutions are eligible for loaning material from the Royal Danish Library’s Orchestral Collection.
  2. The orchestra, choir or institution must assign a contact person, who will be responsible for the borrowed material.
  3. In order to be accepted as a patron you must fill out and send an application form to the Royal Danish Library’s Music Collection, The Orchestral Collection.
  4. The contact person mentioned in section 2, as well as the involved orchestra, choir or institution, are liable for complying to the loan conditions.
  5. To order orchestral material, please use the Royal Danish Library’s web-based search system.
  6. Maximum loan periods are generally 3 ½ month, including shipping from and to the Royal Danish Library, but may, shortly before expiry of the loan period, be extended an additional month by special agreement, provided that the borrowed material has not been requested by another patron. Lending times must be respected.
  7. Orchestral material cannot be requested in advance for a specific time.
  8. Return of borrowed material is done by counting the parts in the Music Collection. This means that it is not possible to issue a receipt when returning material to the Royal Danish Library’s facilities. Upon request of the patron, a receipt of return can be forwarded as soon as counting is finished This also applies when shipping directly to the Royal Danish Library’s Music Collection.
  9. Borrowed material cannot be loaned to others.
  10. The responsible contact person is obligated to inspect that all parts of the borrowed material are present on return and that it is returned in the condition it was received as well as ensuring that proper packaging prevents damages during the return.
  11. If one or more parts of the borrowed material are missing upon return, the responsible contact person will receive an email requesting that the missing items are returned within 10 days. If this is not done, a compensation claim will be filed.
  12. If material is not returned to the Royal Danish Library by the end of the loan period, the responsible contact person will receive two recall notices after which an administration fee of 160 DKK for recalling will be added to ”Fees and Print cards” in the Borrower’s ”My account”. The fee can be paid by Dankort directly in ”My account”. If the material is still not returned, a compensation claim will be filed, if necessary using recovery through the courts.
  13. In the event that borrowed material is not returned on time and/or in acceptable condition, the Royal Danish Library reserves the right to take one or more of the following steps:

    - collecting loaned material on the patron’s expense.
    - reacquiring missing or damaged material, in its entirety if necessary, on the patron’s expense.
    - allowing the patron to bear all costs related to or caused by the late or incomplete return
    - suspending the patron from borrowing for a fixed amount of time determined by an assessment of the present gross or repeated violation of the regulations.
    Claiming a deposit as a requirement for the continued use of material from the Orchestral Collection.
  14. These regulations will enter into force on September 1 2002 and have been revised on the 31st Of March 2014.

Compensation fees for the Orchestral Library’s material on sheet music

Missing or damaged sheet music material, the entire orchestral set if necessary, will be reacquired on the patron’s expense according to the following rules:

  1. In case the missing or damaged sheet music material can be reacquired in its original version, an administration fee of 160 DKK per loan is added to the replacement price. In addition, a binding fee of 175 DKK is added per bookbinding and 65 DKK per booklet binding (saddle stitching). For damaged sheet music material, the compensation payment is 175 DKK, provided that the damages can be remedied. If the damages are non-repairable, the material will have to be reacquired.
  2. When the material has to be reacquired in a different or newer edition, the replacement price plus 50%, excluding fees for administration and binding, must be paid.
  3. In the event that material cannot be reacquired, the compensation payment is 100 DKK per part and 500-700 DKK per score, depending on its size, as well as an administration fee.