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Regulations for employees at the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and Roskilde University

§1 Registration

You register as a patron via the library’s homepage. To register, you need to have a valid email address.

§2 Use of the Royal Danish Library and Roskilde University’s collections

Material for home loan

An employee can order material for home loan and choose a collection point for pick up.

Employees at KU and AU can also choose to have the material delivered to their institute using Personal Delivery. This only applies to the institutes covered by the delivery service agreement for KU.

Non-circulating material

Non-circulating material from the Royal Danish Library – Copenhagen, can be ordered for use at the Research reading room in the Black Diamond

Non-circulating material from the Royal Library – Aarhus, can be ordered for use in the Reading room on Victor Albecks Vej

Non-circulating material from Roskilde University Library can be ordered for use in the Reading room at Roskilde University

Interlibrary lending

Interlibrary lending is free

§3 Loan period

The loan period is usually one month, unless otherwise stated. The maximum loan period is 1 year

Loans are renewed automatically, provided that the material has not been reserved by another user.

§4 Recalls and suspension

A reminder is sent out before expiry date and 3 recall notices after expiry date per mail. No fees are charged but patrons may be excluded from borrowing if the material is not returned after the 3rd recall notice.

§5 Liability

The employee is personally responsible for the loan, from the time it is borrowed until it is returned to the library’s charging system. The claim for compensation is sent directly to the patron.