Drawing of a treasure chest with an owl on top

Photo: Det Kgl. Bibliotek

Treasure hunt in the exhibition TREASURES

For children and their adults in Royal Danish Library's treasury!

Join the treasure hunt in Royal Danish Library's treasury!

As something special, children and their adults can go on a treasure hunt together in the exhibition Treasures in the library.

With a treasure map in one hand and a flashlight in the other, you can solve fun tasks together and learn about the exhibition's many books, drawings, photographs, globes, letters and important papers.

Along the way you will find not just one but a lot of treasures! They are all very valuable and significant in their own way. See, for example, an original Tintin drawing, an eight metre long scroll, a magic book written in code, and fairy tales which Hans Christian Andersen himself wrote with ink and a quill!

The stories of the treasures told to children and their adults

The treasure map is just one of library's activities for children. In the exhibition, the youngest can also immerse themselves in the stories behind Denmark's great treasures. Look at the iPad closest to the treasure. There you will find our texts for children and their adults.

Treasures in library

Royal Danish Library is all of Denmark's library. It's yours and mine. The library takes care of our history.

Do you collect something special? Some collect stones, others collect stamps. Royal Danish Library collects everything about Denmark, and it has done so for many hundreds of years. There is however also a lot about the rest of the world in the collection. That is why the library's collection of books, letters, pictures and much more is huge. The collection is one of the largest in the world!

In the exhibition TREASURES you can see the library's biggest treasures. It is the most important and most expensive items from the library's collection. The treasures are valuable for Denmark and you and me, because they tell something about our history. Therefore the library takes care of the treasures, so we also have them in the future.

For children aged 7-11 and their adults

Get a free treasure map at the store in The Black Diamond.

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