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Photo: Malthe Ivarsson

The Great Diamond Hunt

Find the Diamond of Wisdom! An adventurous experience for children and their adults.

In a secret place in Royal Danish Library is the Diamond of Wisdom - a diamond that only the wise can find! The Diamond of Wisdom is the source of wisdom, and finding it requires courage, curiosity, and cooperation.

All curious children and their adults can go hunting for the Diamond of Wisdom in the library's treasure hunt, The Great Diamond Hunt.

With a compass, map, flashlight and adventure bag, The Great Diamond Hunt takes you through the library's buildings. On the trip, you will experience the library's adventurous architecture while you do fun tasks and challenging activities. You can, for example, decipher the dragons' magical stones, get a little weak in the knees from the glass bridge five stories up, greet Grundtvig, find the wise elephants and experience the magic in the old, vaulted halls.

Supported by the Augustinus Foundation.

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