Royal Danish Library's business forum

The business forum gives you inspiration and room for reflection through networking and meetings with the world's leading experts in economics, politics, philosophy and management, among other things.

The Queen's Hall, Royal Danish Library. Empty interview chairs in front of the audience

Photo: Malthe Ivarsson

Royal Danish Library's business forum prioritises knowledge and education for managers. We present new perspectives from a selection of the world's leading experts in their field - at the intersection of economics, politics, philosophy and management.

We create a forum for new knowledge and new perspectives with room to grow. Here you can find inspiration, reflect and give yourself the opportunity to think a little bigger than what is often possible on a daily basis. The programme addresses the state of the world as well as philosophical and educational questions in relation to leading and developing in a broad sense.

The business forum also provides unique access to other experiences at The Black Diamond, exhibitions, concerts and author presentations, which can create value for employees and networks.


This year's events

Robert Habeck in conversation with Lykke Friis

Robert Habeck at the International Authors' Stage for a conversation on power, populism and liberal democracy's blind spots in the age of the climate crisis. Habeck is a German politician and author. Germany's Minister of Economy and Climate and Vice-Chancellor since the election in 2021.

John Elkington in conversation with Mette Østergaard

Meet entrepreneur John Elkington for a conversation about his new vision for a sustainable capitalism – a capitalism fit to meet the challenges of the 21st century. John Elkington is an entrepreneur, author and consultant, and has worked with sustainable development throughout his career.

Paul Polman on the International Authors' Stage

Meet the former CEO of Unilever Paul Polman, who has become synonymous with the movement to create successful companies that take responsibility for the climate crisis and global inequality.

More about Royal Danish Library's business forum

Royal Danish Library's business forum is a business network; a leadership network and forum for management and knowledge. Here you have the opportunity to expand your horizons with contributions from some of the world's leading experts.

The network holds a minimum of three events annually. After the public appearance in the Queen's Hall, there will be an exclusive event for members, where there will be an opportunity to meet the presenters and get a copy of the latest book for inspiration.