Regulations for borrowing manuscripts and unpublished theatre texts from the Teatre Collection

Professional or established theatres, as well as theatre schools can borrow manuscripts and unpublished theatre texts.

  1. Professional or permanently established theatres, as well as theatre schools, are entitled to borrow manuscripts and unpublished theatre texts with the notation "Theatre loan/1 month" from the Teater Collection, for use at the institution only, provided that the material is stored in a security box when not in use. A condition for borrowing manuscripts is the strict compliance of the applicable rules for use.
  2. In order to be registered as a user with the option to borrow manuscripts a written application must be submitted to Det Kgl. Bibliotek, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1016 Copenhagen, att. Teatre Collection or by email to att. Teatre Collection.
  3. The application must include information regarding institution name, responsible contact person, address, telephone number and email, as well as whether the institution has a security box for safekeeping of the material when not in use, at its disposal.
  4. Ordering of manuscripts takes place via the library system.
  5. Manuscripts not available for borrowing can be ordered as duplicates. The Teatre Collection will then decide whether it is legal to duplicate the manuscript or not.
  6. In general, three manuscripts can be borrowed at a time.
  7. The loan period is one month.
  8. The theatre/theatre school must return the manuscript in time for it to arrive at the library by the end of the loan period, at the very latest.
  9. The theatre/theatre school is not allowed to disclose manuscripts to private individuals or other institutions.
  10. The contact person responsible for the loan is obligated to thoroughly check that the returned material is complete and non-damaged on return.
  11. In the event of damages/defects, written information about any missing parts (e.g., pages/acts) must be included.
  12. The theatre/theatre school is fully liable for all of the material.
  13. Missing or damaged manuscripts, if necessary entire manuscripts, are reacquired on the expense of the borrowing theatre/theatre school, according to the following regulations:
    1. In case the missing or damaged manuscript can be reacquired in its original version, an administration fee of 160 DKK per loan is added to the replacement price. Furthermore, a bookbinding fee of 175 DKK per binding must be paid.
    2. For damaged manuscripts, the compensation fee is 175 DKK, provided that the damages can be remedied. If the damages are non-repairable, the material will have to be reacquired.
    3. In the event that materials cannot be reacquired, the compensation payment is 300-500 DKK per manuscript, depending on its size, as well as an administration fee.
  14. Theatre/theatre schools who need copies or digitised photocopies of unpublished material from the Drama collection are advised that copying of manuscripts and printed theatre texts are only permitted for private study use.
  15. In the event of a breach of these regulations, the library has the right to exclude the user from loans for a short or long period based on an assessment of the present gross or repeated violation of the regulations.