We welcome Nota

Nota and Royal Danish Library is merged and thus expands the library's role as Denmark's entire library.

Royal Danish Library's sign

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard

Nota, which handles library services for citizens with reading disabilities, will on 1 January 2024 become part of Royal Danish Library. The Chief Executive of the library, Svend Larsen, welcomes Minister of Culture Jakob Engel-Schmidt's decision:

"Royal Danish Library gives citizens throughout the country access to a world of knowledge and cultural experiences. A merger with Nota's service for people with reading disabilities will expand Royal Danish Library's role as Denmark's entire library."

Nota and Royal Danish Library will be merged as of 1 January 2024. The library's Chief Executive, Svend Larsen, becomes Chief Executive of the merged institution, and acting director of Nota, Michael Karvø, becomes deputy director with responsibility for Nota's activities. After the merger, Royal Danish Library will retain a department at Nota's current address in Nakskov with a similar number of employees as today.