Green Key certified meetings and conferences in The Black Diamond

If you hold a meeting or a conference in The Black Diamond, it will happen with a Green Key certification. Green Key is tourism's international environmental label.

Meeting room Jensen interior

Photo: Laura Stamer

As Green Key Meeting and Conference supplier of the facilities in The Black Diamond, both Royal Danish Library and our suppliers in catering and cleaning live up to a wide range of environmental requirements.

The certification is a small part of the library's overall climate strategy, A Greener Library 2025, which provides the framework for our work with sustainability with a focus on climate.

Concrete sustainable measures

The climate strategy includes a number of action areas that are important to you as customers when you hold meetings, conferences and events or otherwise use our facilities. This applies to, among other things, optimisation of the buildings' energy consumption, minimisation of the use of disposable products and packaging, increased recycling and minimisation of waste and increased waste sorting.

Madkartoteket supplies the catering for meetings, events and conferences in The Black Diamond. Madkartoteket has the Organic Food Label in silver. This means that the catering for your meeting or conference in The Black Diamond consists of 60-90% organic food and drinks.

Green Key certification 2022

In November 2022, The Black Diamond's facilities for meetings and/or conferences obtained the international environmental label Green Key. We were the second state institution in Denmark to achieve the label.