OH, LET ME REST (1999)

Tilbage til værkfortegnelsen

– firestemmig kanon, for stemmer/kor.

Tekst af Solveig von Schoultz (orig. svensk, engelsk oversættelse ved Per Nørgård).

Varighed: var.´

Værknummer: 322d

VÆRKNOTE: Se 322a (dansk).

PROGRAMME NOTE: OH, LET ME REST – canon for equal voices (1999) The vocal canon for equal voices was commissioned by the Finnish “Sang- og Musikforbund” for the Espoo Festival, premiered under the Swedish choir leader Gunnar Eriksson. The poem by the Swedish Solveig von Schoultz´ has a streaming quality, telling about the bird, resting in its “soaring now” that inspired me to the continuous drifting and waving of the voices of the canon.The simple Canon “Let Me Rest” led to a longer and more complex composition, where the four part canon is combined with a three times slower version of the same canon, also for four (deeper) voice parts. The piece developed into a larger work of 8-10 minutes – titled ”Canon Cantata” for eight part choir. Both “Oh. Let me rest” (equal voices) and “Canon Cantata” (mixed choir) may be arranged in many ways – also with regards to language, using the four existing version: English, German, Danish and Swedish (original).

Per Nørgård