Per Nørgård

Ambiguity: In musical composition, in musical experience and in man (Reflexions on a millenial change).

Type: Tidsskriftartikel

År: 1999

Bemærkninger: Manuscript for a speech by Per Nørgård in the series “The Prince of Hesse Mamorial Lecture” (given at the Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh, on Monday 21 June 1999, during the 52nd Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts).
A mistake (cincerning the number of years and the planets) was corrected in the present version (also in the original manuscript in Danish: Dobbeltbunden – i musikværket, musikoplevelsen og i mennesket, 1999/2009).

Trykt i: The Prince of Hesse Memorial Lecture. The Britten-Pears Library, Aldeburgh. 1999, s. 21

Bibliotek/katalogsignatur: Acc 2012/25

Sprog: English

Fuldtekst (PDF): Download som pdf Ambiguity.1999.pdf (6 sider)