WILL-O´-THE- WISPS IN TOWN (2004/2005)

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Eventyrkantate for mezzosopran (inkl. recitation), trompet, trombone, violin, cello, klaver.

”Kammerversion, engelsk” (af Nr. 355b).

Frit efter H.C. Andersens eventyr, med sangtekster af Suzanne Brøgger.

Engelsk versionering ved Svend Ravnkilde, Rune Kühl.

1. Prelude: The Fairy Tales that Came to an End2. Narrative: The Man Who Used to Know Fairy Tales3. Narrative with background music Woodland Pastorale4. Aria: Whatever Happened to the Fairy Tale?5. Narrative: Fairy Tale Hunt6. Aria: Sunset and Ground Mists Rising

7. Narrative: It Was Late in the Evening

8. Aria and Narrative with shouting choir: An Ominous Invitation9. Narrative: I Don’t Understand a Word of All This!10. Singing and playing: Twelve Little Will-o’-the-Wisps

11. Narrative and shouting choir: It Is an Ancient Birthright and Favour12. Aria with a violent postlude: 365 Humans in a Year13. Talking choir with a moral: They could not...14. Arietta (Finale 1): Report from a Fairy Tale Land15. Apotheosis-aria (Epilogue, Finale 2): Is there a sound ringing?

Varighed: 35´

Værknummer: 361b

VÆRKNOTE: WILL-O´-THE- WISPS IN TOWN (2005). For mezzosopran, trompet, trombone, violin, cello, klaver. Frit efter H.C. Andersens eventyr (1865), med sangtekster af Suzanne Brøgger (2004).

Engelsk versionering ved Svend Ravnkilde, Rune Kühl.

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PROGRAMME NOTE: WILL-O´-THE-WISPS IN TOWN (2005) Fairy Tale Cantata for mezzo-soprano, trumpet, trombone, violin, cello & piano.

After a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen (1865); lyrics by Suzanne Brøgger (2004).

English performance version by Svend Ravnkilde, Rune Kühl.

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