Per Nørgård, Ivan Hansen

Drum Book, Foreword and Introduction.

Type: Artikel i bog

År: 1999

Bemærkninger: An introduction to the ensemble music with "infinity rhythms" by Nørgård - a "swinging" an easy way of getting to know basic elements of the composers music: infinity series, hierarchic music, fractal layers etc. The text here is from the publication Per Nørgård: Trommebogen/ Drum Book – ed. by Ivan Hansen, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, 1999 (with Danish/English text, small pieces, and a cd).
With music examples.

Trykt i: Ivan Hansen (ed.): Per Nørgård: Trommebogen/Drum Book. Edited by Ivan Hansen. Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen

Bibliotek/katalogsignatur: Acc 2012/25

Sprog: English

Fuldtekst (PDF): Download som pdf DrumBookForeword.1999.pdf (4 sider)