Per Nørgård, Ossia Trilling

Scandinavian Profile: Per Nørgård. Interview.

Type: Interview

År: 1983

Bemærkninger: Interview focusing on “Scandinavia Today, the most wide-ranging presentation of Nordic culture ever to he made in the United States, and which has straddled the years 1982 and 1983, the Danish composer Per Nørgård spent a week in Minneapolis last fall as composer-in-residence. His visit was organized by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and consisted of workshops and lectures. He also conducted some of his own works with the orchestra.
That this signal honor should fall to the 50-year-old Per Nørgård is quite natural. He is, after all, considered to be one of the most prominent musical personalities not only in his native Denmark, but throughout the Nordic countries, and even farther afield. He has been a music critic, an outstanding teacher and a promoter of young talent. His output as a composer has been prolific and ranges from full-scale symphonies to operas or, as he would prefer to call them, works for the music theater.
His latest in this genre is a good example of his broad skills. It is an opera-ballet called Siddhartha, commissioned by the Nordic Opera Council, and it will have its world premiere in Stockholm in March. His style is experimental, but that doesn't necessarily mean that his music appeals only to a narrow circle of experts. Indeed, everything he has written is rooted in the Nordic tradition and his influences have included both his countryman Carl Nielsen and the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.
Recently he has taken a deep interest in Eastern music, an interest that took him on a musical pilgrimage of exploration 10 the island of Bali. Since Siddhartha was the name of the Buddha -the founder of Buddhism - we are likely to hear echoes of Asian music when his opera is performed" (from the introduction).

Trykt i: SAS Magazine Scanorama, February 1983. SAS

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