The thematic-bibliographic catalogue of Niels W. Gade’s works marks the end of a research project that began with the biography Niels W. Gade – et dansk verdensnavn (2002) and was continued with the publication of Niels W. Gade og hans europæiske kreds. En brevveksling 1836-1891 (2008), vols. 1–3.

The work was begun following the publication of a similar thematic-bibliographic catalogue of J.P.E. Hartmann’s work and the basic principles have been maintained in the present catalogue.

The initial work carried out by research librarian Anne Ørbæk Jensen, the Royal Danish Library – in her capacity as secretary for the Niels W. Gade Edition – has been of great help as well as the music antiquarian Dan Fog’s N.W. Gade-katalog. En fortegnelse over Niels W. Gades trykte kompositioner (1986).

Throughout the whole period, I have enjoyed the privilege of being affi liated with the Danish Centre for Music Editing (DCM), at the Royal Danish Library. I wish to thank my colleagues Axel Teich Geertinger, Niels Bo Foltmann and Bjarke Moe, and in particular Peter Hauge, Ph.D., who has made an extra ordinary contribution with a meticulous and constructive review of the entire manuscript. Warm thanks are also due to Iben Brodersen and Jeppe Plum Andersen, the Music and Theatre Collection, who provided a "shuttle service" with materials from the copious, closed stacks.

Last but not least, I wish to thank the foundations that have showed me confi dence by supporting the preparation with generous donations: Augustinus Fonden , Beckett-Fonden and Oticon Fonden.

Inger Sørensen
March 2019