Carl Nielsen

Vibekes Sang

(Jeg mødte en Sang paa den alfare Vej)

Vibeke's Song

(I met with a song as I walked on my way)

CNW 145
CNUCarl Nielsen Udgaven (The Carl Nielsen Edition. Royal Danish Library: Copenhagen 1998–2009) III/4, 30; I/6
CNSCarl Nielsens Samling (The Carl Nielsen Collection, Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen) 350
FSDan Fog & Torben Schousboe: Carl Nielsen kompositioner. En Bibliografi. København 1965. 44

Author: L.C. Nielsen

It has not been possible to determine whether 'clavecin' is meant to indicate harpsichord or clavichord; however, if Nielsen had meant piano ('klaver'), it seems most likely that he would have indicated so.

Carl Nielsen Edition (Editorial Texts)

Composition: Between 1907 and 1908.

Instrumentation: voice, clavecin (keyb.keyboard instrument )
Andantino (drømmende)

Jeg mødte en Sang paa den alfare Vej

I met with a song as I walked on my way


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