Carl Nielsen

Fantasistykker for obo og klaver, opus 2

Fantasy Pieces for Oboe and Piano, Opus 2

Opus 2
CNW 65
CNUCarl Nielsen Udgaven (The Carl Nielsen Edition. Royal Danish Library: Copenhagen 1998–2009) II/11
CNSCarl Nielsens Samling (The Carl Nielsen Collection, Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen) 28
FSDan Fog & Torben Schousboe: Carl Nielsen kompositioner. En Bibliografi. København 1965. 8

Dedicatee: Olivo Krause

Carl Nielsen Edition

Arrangement not by Nielsen:

Composition: 1889–90.

Nielsen composed the Fantasistykker for oboe and piano shortly after having taken up the position as second violinist in the Royal Danish Orchestra. According to Emilie Demant Hatt's list of Nielsen's early compositions the two movements were completed 30 November 1889 and 9 March 1890, respectively. During summer 1890 Nielsen revised the work, and in the autumn it was finally published. It appears from Emilie Demant Hatt's list that the Romance was originally conceived for organ and oboe.

Instrumentation: ob.oboe , pf.pianoforte (piano)

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