Carl Nielsen

Kvintet for to violiner, to bratscher og cello

Quintet for Two Violins, Two Violas and Cello

CNW 59
CNUCarl Nielsen Udgaven (The Carl Nielsen Edition. Royal Danish Library: Copenhagen 1998–2009) II/10
CNSCarl Nielsens Samling (The Carl Nielsen Collection, Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen) 44
FSDan Fog & Torben Schousboe: Carl Nielsen kompositioner. En Bibliografi. København 1965. 5

Dedicatee: Thorvald Nielsen-Kvartetten (Thorvald Nielsen, Erling Bloch, Hans Kassow, Louis Jensen), 1931

Carl Nielsen Edition

Composition: 1888–89.

After having established his reputation as a young, talented and promising composer in 1888, Nielsen started composing the quintet for strings. The last three movements were apparently completed between October 1888 and January 1889. According to Emilie Demant Hatt's manuscript, Foraarsbølger, the quintet was completed on 1 January 1889.

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