Carl Nielsen

Sats for to violiner, bratsch og cello

Movement for Two Violins, Viola and Cello

CNW 51
CNUCarl Nielsen Udgaven (The Carl Nielsen Edition. Royal Danish Library: Copenhagen 1998–2009) IV/1, Add. 10
CNSCarl Nielsens Samling (The Carl Nielsen Collection, Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen) 32.2
FSDan Fog & Torben Schousboe: Carl Nielsen kompositioner. En Bibliografi. København 1965. 3k

Carl Nielsen Edition

Composition: 1887–88.

The movement (and CNW 50 ) was probably part of an early string quartet performed in January 1888. In a letter, Nielsen refers to a quartet that he showed to his teacher, Orla Rosenhoff, in late 1887.

Instrumentation: string quartet
Allegro molto

Key: F major

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