Carl Nielsen

Symfoni nr. 3, opus 27

Sinfonia espansiva

Symphony No. 3, Opus 27

Opus 27
CNW 27
CNUCarl Nielsen Udgaven (The Carl Nielsen Edition. Royal Danish Library: Copenhagen 1998–2009) II/3
CNSCarl Nielsens Samling (The Carl Nielsen Collection, Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen) 64
FSDan Fog & Torben Schousboe: Carl Nielsen kompositioner. En Bibliografi. København 1965. 60

Carl Nielsen Edition

Arrangements not by Nielsen:

Composition: 1910–11.

It was not until the beginning of 1910 that Nielsen started to consider writing a third symphony. The first movement was finished on 13 April; then the symphony was put aside for a while so that he could concentrate on the music for the play Hagbarth og Signe (CNW 12), which was to be finished for a performance in June. In July, Nielsen continued working on the symphony, but was forced to stop because of a depression. It was finished in the autumn and winter of 1910–11 under very difficult circumstances because of Nielsen's duties at The Royal Theatre.

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Version for piano four hands

Date: c. 1913.

The piano version seems to have been planned for publication at C.F. Kahnt in Leipzig, since the publisher advertised it in a catalogue in 1913. However, it was apparently never published.

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