GKS 11 2°: Evangelia IV





GKS 11 2°: Evangelia IV

Parchment, 133 ff., ca. 33 × 22,5 cm; Germany (Saxony?), ca. 1250

Gospel Book with prologi, argumenta & capitula. At the beginning of each Gospel there is a full page picture of a meditating or writing Evangelist with his attribute, positioned to the right of the initial and above the first words of his Gospel. - Illuminated initials are forund on f. 1v (B) & f. 103v (H)

The origin and medieval history of the manuscript is not known. Traces of its use are found on f. 10r & f. 106v where the text of the Evangelist page is repeated and several lines supplied with notation. At the end of the book a liturgical element for Dedicatio has been copied on f. 132v

The manuscript belonged to the library of Gottorp Castle in Schleswig at least from the beginning of the 18th century. As part of the manuscript collection of Gottorp Castle it was transferred to the Royal Library in Copenhagen in 1735. It got its present binding during the reign of king Christian VII (1766-1808)

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Erik Petersen