Digital magazines

In the library system, you can find the digitised editions of the magazines Car revue, the MC revue, and the Boat revue.

Audi since 1995
Photo: Angelo Abear / Unsplash

Digital magazines contain digitised editions of the magazines:

  • Bil-revyen (1965-2006, incl.)
  • MC-revyen (1974-2006, incl.)
  • Båd-revyen (1970-1985, incl.)

You can search for model names of specific cars, motorcycles, or boats (but not titles of magazines) in the library system. From each individual post, you can click on the scanned page from the magazine. There may be many results, so make sure your results are narrow down to "Digitale årbøger" in the filter Special collections.

Note that the digital yearbooks can only be accessed through affiliated public libraries and at Det Kgl. Bibliotek.