Regulations for the Administrative Library in the Black Diamond

The Administrative Library is open to everyone, but our services depend on your place of employment.

Central administration employees (departments, boards and directorates etc.) are our primary users and can use our services cost-free. Read more about the service, prices and fees for the central administration.

Private individuals are welcome to use, scan and make prints of the collection on-site, but they cannot be registered as users and therefore cannot borrow directly from the library collection. It is however, possible to borrow material from the Administrative Library (TAL) through other libraries because TAL is part of the loan agreement lending out material to both Danish and foreign libraries.

New patron

Upon registration, the patron commits to comply with the applicable regulations for borrowing at the Administrative Library. You can register as a new patron by quickly filling out a form.

Loan period

The loan period for each item is shown on the call slip and can be viewed at all times when you log in to your personal page via Enter you borrower ID (civil registration number) and PIN code (4-digit code of your own choice) to log in. When the loan period expires, you will receive a reminder by email. Read how to  renew your loans.

Returns and liability to pay compensation

  • The person registered for a loan is liable for the material and personally responsible for returning it intact.
  • Patrons are personally responsible for returning the material to the library.
  • If the material is not returned on expiry of the loan period, it will be recalled and must be renewed or returned immediately.
  • Receipts for returned material are issued on the patron’s request.


Fee sizes for exceeding loan periods etc. depend on your place of employment. 

Compensation for lost or damaged material

  • Material that has not been returned one week after the third recall notice are considered lost.
  • Lost or damaged material must be compensated by the borrower. An additional fee is added for replacement and handling costs.
  • Compensation and any fees must be payed, regardless whether the patron is at fault for damaging or not returning material on time.
  • Compensation must also be payed if the material is returned after the replacement process has started.
  • Any debts that have not been paid will be sent to debt collection after a notice.

Other rules concerning use of the library

  • TAL patrons can be serviced on the fourth floor in the Black Diamond. The entire library collection is immediately available on open shelves. The room also contains approx 32 study places. The room has access to copying and scanning of material.
  • Patrons who have not used the library for an extended period will be automatically deleted from the library’s register of borrowers.
  • Upon changes in address, including changes to email and place of employment, please notify the library immediately.
  • Please show consideration for other library users when talking and using mobile phones.
  • Patrons are required to follow staff instructions, regardless if these are stated in written regulations or not. Threatening behaviour towards the staff will result in exclusion as a borrower.
  • Complaints must be addressed to the TAL management team. 
  • Violation of these regulations may result in suspension or exclusion as a borrower.